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The programs under our SoulCare SelfCare Pillar are opportunities to connect with our fellow ecowomanists and reconnect or stay connected with ourselves.


EWI invites you to join in on this journey by sending in your SoulCare SelfCare photos, practices, truth-telling reflections, and insights on our social channels. Let the EWI radical revolution of SoulCare SelfCare begin.

Create Intentional and Healing Memories with Your Children.

Three Pillars Strong

We’ve designed culturally relevant programs around our foundational pillars: Leadership, SoulCare SelfCare, and Advocacy. Each program allows for and encourages education through spending time in nature, story sharing, and creating experiences that restore, renew, and reconnect us with our ancestry and spiritual wellbeing.

Find out more about the programs aligned with each Pillar and how to get involved.

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