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We are glad you’re here and ready to take the next step on your journey of civic engagement. Joining EWI ushers you into the center of a like-minded community committed to ecojustice, ecomemory, and leadership initiatives for Black women.

(We’ve held a spot for you.)

We’ve designed culturally relevant programs around our foundational pillars. Each program allows for and encourages education through spending time in nature, story sharing, and creating experiences that restore, renew, and reconnect us with our ancestry and spiritual wellbeing.


Black women have well-known concerns that extend into social and political realms. But unlike the social and political concerns, the environmental concerns of Black women are often seen as wholly disconnected from historical and systemic racism and discrimination.


Find out more about the programs aligned with each Pillar and how to get involved.

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See why this limited edition merch design, inspired by African block printing, embodies the spirit of EcoWomanist and boldly expresses the essence of the Black woman. 


She reaches toward the sun. 

Her power uplifts entire communities. 

She grows from the land and gives back to it.

We see ourselves reflected in the water. 

We see ourselves in her roots.

We find safe space in her aura. 

We are all ecowomanists.

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