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SoulCare SelfCare

Black women’s bodies have been viewed as commodities and repositories for the purpose of benefiting an oppressive system of greed and power. As the result of such oppression and our ability to “keep going anyhow” while “making a way out of no way” the myth of the “strong Black woman” emerged.


We are expected to do it all; take care of our household (and someone else’s) solve the problems of the community, serve in our houses of worship, contribute financially to all these institutions, and rarely, if ever, complain aloud about the load we are carrying.


In recent years, however, and especially during these challenging times, we am so glad to see the tides shifting, as Black women are speaking out and serving up some serious “truth-telling” with regards to our overall well being.

The entire EWI team invites you to join us on this journey by sending in your SoulCare/SelfCare practices/photos, truth-telling reflections, and insights on our FB and Instagram pages.


Let the EWI Radical Revolution of Restorative SoulCare/SelfCare Begin!

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