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My Child Loves Every Season!

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

I just watched inches of snow fall and all I can think about is how happy my 3-year old will be when she plays in the snow later. And it is that thought/daydream that I begin the Mamas & Me in Nature blog.

As a Mama, and the Program Manager of this beautiful EcoWomanist Institute program, I am realizing more and more, each day, that my child has allowed me to connect with nature in a way I haven’t in a LONG while. My child LOVES every season we are blessed with and she wants to be outside to enjoy each season. Her Mama on the other hand, didn’t really enjoy being outside, especially during the Winter months in Chicago. But my daughter sees the beauty in it all.

When she saw snow fall for the first time, this season, she said, “Ooo Mommy it’s so beautiful.” And as I looked at it, thinking about what she sees and feels, I could only reply with, “It surely is, Sugga.” Her laughter became my laughter. I thank God for her and for Nature, for it is through her that I am feeling the power and beauty of nature and I am LOVING it.

NOW I need to hear from other Mamas who, during these challenging times, are using Nature to decompress, de-stress, etc. Please send pics of you & your children enjoying outside, little stories and/or testimonies about you and your family enjoying and engaged in Nature, reflections and/or insights on doing things in Nature during these challenging times: the Pandemic, Racial Injustice, Inner-City Violence, and so on.

Are your children helping you get outside more? And in the words of our Mamas and Grandmamas. “Go Outside and Play!”

-- Mama Hope

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