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Kindness is Key

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

After participating in my weekly Church service, virtually of course, I realized that through this powerful sermon, “Kindness is Key”, I connected to my child and her love of being outside.

Children, much like my 3 year old, are instinctively kind to nature. The wind, breeze, is their dancing companion, the muddy puddles-after a good rain-are sources of pure delight, and the moist soil, dirt or sand, is a fascinating ingredient for things such as mudpies and castles. My daughter enjoys the aforementioned things in such peaceful and joyful play. She is kind to Nature and therefore Nature is kind to her.

So today I vow to be kinder to Nature as I maneuver in and through it. Now that doesn’t mean I am going to stomp through the chucks of snow like my sweet baby, but it does mean I will complain less about the weather and I will give my child time to enjoy outside, a little bit, every day. Yes and we will go outside and play!

Now please share your stories/testimonies with the Mamas & Me in Nature community, send them to and send photos of you and your children enjoying “outside”.

-- Mama Hope

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