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Kitchen Table Talks

Shifting the tide from silence to truth-telling, Kitchen Table Talks is the space for the new era of strength. Share and hear the stories of fellow ecowomanists who voice their joys, concerns, challenges, and visions for their work in the fields of ecological and social justice. See yourself reflected in both the challenges and triumphs.


This is a healing space. None of us are alone.

Table Talks


EcoWomanist Institute Co-Founders and Co-Visionaries, Valerie Hill Rawls and Veronica Kyle on creating EWI and what it means to be an ecowomanist.


Dr. Stephanie Y. Evans, PhD, Professor and Director of the Institute of Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies at Georgia State University on her book Black Women’s Yoga History.


Cassandra Guice, President of Myra Hunter Reeve’s Culture Club of NACWC and 2nd Vice President of NACWC’s Ohio State Association’s Northwest District on the history of the National Association of Colored Women’s Club (NACWC).

Past Kitchen Table Talks

Other SoulCare SelfCare Programs

Three Pillars Strong

We’ve designed culturally relevant programs around our foundational pillars: Leadership, SoulCare SelfCare, and Advocacy. Each program allows for and encourages education through spending time in nature, story sharing, and creating experiences that restore, renew, and reconnect us with our ancestry and spiritual wellbeing.

Find out more about the programs aligned with each Pillar and how to get involved.

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