…moving from theoretical understandings of ecospirituality and ecojustice to personal engagement and wellness.

The mission of the EcoWomanist Institute is to increase the inclusion, ecological awareness, and environmental leadership of African American women within the ecospirituality and ecojustice narratives.

Historically, ecospirituality and environmental awareness has enabled African, Africana, and African Americans to live in harmony with nature. An EcoWomanist centers the moral imperatives of race, class, gender, and sexual justice along with concern for and with the earth. EcoWomanism exposes the impact of structural racism and systemic oppression assumed in the environmental movement and articulates a corrective that shows the connection between social injustice and environmental injustice.


The EcoWomanist Institute offers programs, services, and resources designed to enrich the wellbeing, ecospirtuality, and environmental justice awareness among diverse African American and African-Diaspora women who represent every aspect of our community.


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